Neo-Res sustainable Energy Solutions

The global challenge to build a sustainable and long-lasting planet

Exhaustion of conventional energy sources and the growing concerns on environmental pollution is a resulting coming from contemporary life rhythm, economic and demographic growth worldwide. This, together with an increased consumer demand for more energy results in challenges to manage our resources. However this has a vast negative effect that endangers water, air, soil, plants, animals and the human health.

We work closely with leading innovators in technology to solve complex environmental challenges and provide the most efficient and sustainable solutions to cities, municipalities, public agencies and private companies.


We provide sustainable solutions to global environmental needs

Some years of research, studies and testing, have granted us the expertise to build the ideal, flexible, scalable, efficient and sustainable solutions which stimulate development of the circular economy for our customers across the key renewables sectors.

To combat climate change, we firmly believe in electric vehicles as a key tool within our commitment. Accordingly, we are promoting projects in various areas, ranging from the technological to commercial, supporting electric mobility as an instrument for achieving a zero-emission energy model.